Florist Tools

Florist with purning shears and flowers

One of the most beautiful arts in the world is the art of floristics. This is incredibly close to nature as it works with live or completely fresh flowers. In many countries of the world, floristics is even considered a branch of art, and florists are artists and professionals.

Often you want to decorate your home and garden with flowers. But theoretical knowledge alone is not enough to have a really high quality and beautiful bouquets of flowers. This also requires the right equipment.

What should I know about floristic tools before engaging in flower arranging? Of course, for starters, you can try to work simply with flowers, select the most suitable, observe what fits most beautifully. Just experiment and try to create simple but beautiful bouquets.

When you feel that you are getting to know what works best for you, you can look at additional tools for creating bouquets. In fact, there are now many tools available for that. In order for the bouquets to last for a long time and firmly, you need to buy a special glue for florists, as well as the wire.

Gardener woman creating grave decoration

The wire for florists is a little different than the traditional one, often even colored to make the bouquet look more beautiful. To keep your bouquet really tight, you can also use the special needles found in most floristic tool stores.

But of course, there are other details in the decoration that are more interesting for the return. What else can be mentioned in terms of floristic tools? Dried plants can be used for decoration: flowers, leaves, twigs, pods.

Floristics includes many other tools: oases, raffia, fiber and these are just decorative aspects. It is still necessary to have tongs, scissors, special knives, pruning shears. However, if you are not yet a true professional, you can just start with simpler tools.

There are also many beautiful ribbons for decoration with distinctive patterns that really enliven the bouquet itself, giving detail. It is important to have a beautiful and high-quality fabric in which to place your bouquet, especially if your bouquet will be donated to someone.