Make a Paper Roses

Origami rose

We probably all remember childhood. This period of life is miraculous, because everyone had dreams and free time, we did not lack fantasies, and the possibilities were very diverse. It seemed like there was enough fun to do as a child and didn’t need anything more. One of the fun and truly imaginative activities was making various articles out of paper.

Most of the boys were involved in making boats or planes, while the girls were making paper flowers for their parents or for each other (not necessarily, of course). Manufacture of paper flowers If you are already an adult and want to make a paper flower as a decoration, which you will then place on the table or want to teach your child to do so – believe me, this task is not difficult at all. In this article, we will discuss how to make a beautiful rose quickly.

Production of paper flowers – roses To get a beautiful rose from the paper, first pick up red or other colored paper (the color you want the rose to be). From the selected color colored paper, cut small squares from which the flower will be cut. Once the squares of the desired size have been obtained, spirals must be drawn in each of them, which must then be cut carefully and without haste. Once you have cut the spirals neatly, the next task is to twist them without rushing. Take the side of the spiral and start rotating it towards the center.

As you rotate, you will see a rose form. The size of the rose will depend on the size of the spiral you cut from the square of the paper. Well, here’s the flower ring already done. You can stick small leaves cut out of green paper to the ring of the finished rose. Attach the ring itself to a wooden stick and you will get a beautiful and very beautiful rose.

Repeat this process with all the squares cut out of colored paper. Don’t be lazy and get lots of beautiful roses. You can soak those roses in a vase and decorate your home or even your desk with it. Such a composition will surprise anyone because the time and effort put in is always appreciated.